What if I don't have any dental insurance? 

No insurance? No problem! We understand that insurance is expensive, and sometimes it doesn't even cover the procedures you need! Not to worry. We have partnered with Quality Dental Plan to provide you with the care you need! Learn more by visiting this link.

Are we a CareCredit practice?

Yes! That's the short answer. We are a CareCredit practice, so you can get the dental care you need. You might be wondering, "What is CareCredit?" You can learn more about CareCredit and how it might help you by visiting this link.

How often should I have dental exams and cleanings?

We recommend you have your teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year and sometimes even more frequently. Exams and cleanings can help prevent dental problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

Your cleaning and exam involves more than just polishing and checking for cavities. We're also removing plaque and tartar While checking for gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay. 

How can I tell if I have gum disease?

Did you know that four out of five people have periodontal disease, and they don't even know it! The early stages of the disease are painless - unlike tooth decay, which causes discomfort. Without regular dental check-ups, it's hard to tell when periodontal problems exist. 

Flossing isn't fun. Why do I have to do it again?

Brushing your teeth does a great job at removing the build up of food, plaque and bacteria, but a toothbrush can't reach between the teeth. The areas between your teeth are very susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. That's why daily flossing is so important. Flossing, along with regular dental exams, helps disrupt that nasty build up, protecting your mouth from all kinds of icky. In today's world, a Waterpik is an excellent alternative, especially for people who have crowns and bridges.

How can cosmetic dentistry help my smile?

If you're feeling a bit self-conscious about your smile, cosmetic dentstry may be the answer. Cosmetic dental procedures are rising in popularity thanks to advances in dental procedures, modern materials, and because of an increased focus on overall health. From restoring a single tooth to a complete mouth overhaul, there are a wide variety of dental procedures to improve the health and look of your smile. We do fillings, whitening, crowns, tooth replacement - you name it. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and see how Dr. Shain can help improve your smile. Small changes can make a huge impact. 

What is a porcelain veneer, and can it improve my smile? 

A porcelain veneer is a thin shell of tooth-shaped porcelain, individually sized and shaped to cover the fronts of teeth. They're durable and don't stain - perfect for enhancing the beauty of any smile. They work great in correcting discolored teeth, uneven spaces, chipped teeth, worn teeth, misshapen teeth, teeth that are too small, and teeth that are too large. This is starting to sound like a Dr. Suess poem. Why not schedule an appointment for a free consultation to see if porcelain veneers could be an option for your smile?

What can I do if I have missing teeth?

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience - usually along the lines of injury, accident, fracture, severe tooth decay, or gum disease. It could be imperative that you replace the missing tooth to avoid decay, gum disease, excessive wear, or jaw problems caused by surrounding teeth moving towards the newly formed space. These problems don't appear immediately, but when they do appear at a later date, they can compromise your chewing abilities, the health of your bite, and of course, your beautiful smile. There are a variety of options for replacing a missing tooth, including fixed bridges, removable bridges, implants, and dentures. If you have a missing tooth, stop by for a free consultation with Dr. Shain to see if you need a replacement and what options are available. 

What can be done to fix old or unattractive fillings?

Most of us have had a filling in our mouths, and some of those date back many years - sometimes more years than we like to admit. Over time, old fillings could discolor, becoming a bit darker than the surrounding tooth. Older fillings also begin to leave a space between itself and the surface of the tooth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Dr. Shain can check your fillings during an exam to determine if you need replacement. In the event that you have a filling in need of replacement, you have a few options including composite fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, or even porcelain veneers. If you have an old filling you'd like to have checked, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Shain today!

Is it true that oral and gum health directly impacts other medical conditions like heart disease?

Yes, it is! Gum disease can have a severe effect on your overall health. Gum disease is very common - sometimes more so than the common cold! It's also the number one reason people lose teeth, and it can affect the health of your entire body. We're not trying to scare you - we promise - but gum disease is a huge deal. 

Gum disease has been linked to the development of heart disease, an increased risk of stroke, and even an increased risk of babies being born preterm. To avoid gum disease, we recommend regular dental checkups. Periodontal exams are a routine part your dental visit. 

Why even straighten teeth?

Straighter teeth perform better, and that goes for chewing, biting, and speaking. Teeth fit together in a very specific way, and when they don't, the result may be truama to teeth and your jaw joint. Having straight teeth can also boost your confidence and have a healthy, gorgeous smile. There are several reasons to straighten teeth with orthodontics (braces or aligning trays), including over bite, under bite, cross bite, and overcrowding. Schedule an appointment to see if your teeth could do with some straightening up.