Dental Anxiety

Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist? Don't worry. You're not alone. Overwhelming fear of dental appointments is a very common anxiety to have. That's why patient comfort, relaxation, and happiness are at the very heart of our dental practice. Our staff will do whatever they can to reduce anxiety and fear while administering quick, painless treatments. Hear are some tips for reducing anxiety while at the dentist's office:

Talk to the dentist.
Dr. Shain is an extremely empathetic man, but he is definitely not a mind reader. If you're feeling uneasy, don't be afraid to communicate that to him, so he can take extra precautions during your visit.

Bring a set of headphones.
Fire up your Spotify playlist, and get ready to sit back an relax. Music is a powerful force, and having your favorite playlist on during your visit could help bring you peace.

Agree on a signal - kind of like a safe word.
A lot of people are afraid that the dentist simply won't know when they are in significant pain during their appointment. If you're nervous about this, agree on a signal with Dr. Shain before he begins your procedure, so you can communicate when you're feeling pain.

Spray the throat.
Sensitive gag reflex? A couple sprays of numbing throat spray (think Chloraseptic) can help control the gag reflex for about an hour.

Take a mirror.
Being unable to see what is happening in your mouth can increase anxiety. Watching the procedure could help reduce that anxiety, so pack a small handheld mirror to accompany you during your visit. 

If you've exhausted all of the above options to no avail, sedation may be a viable option for you. 

Ask about the alternatives.
Dr. Shain does his best to communicate all of the available options when it comes to dental procedures, but you should never be afraid to ask. Feeling uneasy? Ask for further explanation. That information could help put you at ease.